Reserve a table for Sunday Football! Reservations are (1) game max

To complete a reservation you must enter valid credit card information which FLATIRON will hold in case of a cancellation.
A cancellation charge of $50 will be applied if the reservation is cancelled at any time. When booking a reservation you are agreeing to our cancellation fee.

If you arrive for your reservation more than 30 minutes after your designated reservation time, your reservation will be automatically cancelled and your card will be charged.

Table reservations require table minimums.  Minimums vary depending on table size and or per person ($40)
• 4 person table – $160 minimum
• 6 person table – $240 minimum 
• 8 person table – $320 minimum

All minimums must be met before tax and gratuity is added.

If your table minimum is not met, we will add the difference to the final bill before the guest closes your tab.
Your server will ask to hold a valid credit card at the beginning of the game.  You may choose to split the bill or pay by cash or different credit cards when you close out.

Depending on the time of your reservation there may be other groups both before and after your reservation. Please be courteous to all other guests and our staff as we try to accommodate everyone to the best of our ability during these unprecedented times.



If your game extends into the next reservation time, you WILL STILL be allowed to finish watching your game. This extended viewing period is limited to 30 minutes. After 30min, we will ask you to vacate the table for the next group.
We are all sports fans and we all understand the importance of overtime!

We reserve the right to refuse service to any person at any time.
If you, or a member of your group is intoxicated or otherwise behaving inappropriately, you or they may be asked to leave.